The Best Movie2k Alternatives

One of present delights of many Internet consumers are the websites and portals that offer movies and TV shows in a streaming regime, similar to Youtube, without and traditional downloading required. Movie2k was one of the most popular streaming movie portals known in the past few years. In February 2013 was rated as the 240th most popular website in the world, and in Germany it was rated as the 19th, which placed it in front of Amazon, Apple and even Twitter.

In May 2013, it was unfortunately shut down by MPAA, evidently due to copyright and infringement concerns. Various sources state that the owner of Movie2k, voluntarily closed down the server and canceled his contract with Voxility, the hosting company that provided housing for Movie2k.

So most users and amateurs of free movie and TV show content now have to look elsewhere to view their favorite shows. Also, it appears that Movie2k will resurface as Movie4k. But in the meanwhile, here are a few alternatives for Movie2k.

1. Hulu

huluOne of the most popular Free TV projects, portal that offers streaming videos and TV shows, webisodes, trailers, documentaries and movies. Unfortunately Hulu’s services is currently available only to the U.S. consumers. It’s a joint venture of Fox Broadcasting, Disney ABC, NBC Universal Television Group, funded by Providence Equity Partners. Hulu went live in August 2007, and its been around ever since. It’s quite a reliable source of complete and up to date TV shows and movies. And if you’re in the U.S., you should make it one of your TV shows alternative portals.


zmovieAnother movies and TV shows portal with quite a large database of movies, and complete TV series. Not only this, it also provides a lot of information about upcoming movies, titles and genres. Has an excellent filtering section and also provides the possibility to download movies.

3. Tube Plus

tubeplusEven though the title of this portal reminds of YouTube, it’s quite different from it. It dedicates exclusively to movies and TV shows, currently benefits from quite some popularity, and along with the streaming format availability of your favorite TV shows and movies, it offers a lot of other features.

The list goes on, and to see the rest of the streaming sites, click here: top 10 Movie streaming sites

Additional info can be found here:


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